Living Dreaming Dying Support & Practice Group

The group meets once a month on a Saturday @ 11.15 am to 12.4 5pm.

Next dates: 15 Jul, 19 Aug, 16 Sept,  21 Oct, 18 Nov

ALL WELCOME! The group is based on the Living Dreaming Dying book by Rob Nairn.

Using the book as a reference we aim to support practical steps in long term mind training in relation to how we train the mind in day-to-day life, our experience of dreaming for the cultivation of insight and awareness as well as understanding the dying process and its opportunity for enlightenment.

Hosted by the Cape Town Bardo Group these study sessions will deepen your knowledge and integrate the wisdom of these teachings into day to day life.

Facilitated by David Tyfield & Pam Bishop

Enquiries to: David on 082 412 7781
or Pam on 078 6198346