Amitabha Puja

Full Moon dates: @ 2pm Fri 9 June, Sun 9 July, Mon 7 Aug, Wed 6 Sept, Thurs 5 Oct, Sat 4 Nov, Sun 3 Dec

Weekend dates:  Sat @ 10am  17 Jun, 19 Aug, 21 Oct, 18 Nov

Amitabha is the Buddha of Boundless Light and is part of the Lotus Family (one of the Five Dhyani Buddha Families). Many Eons ago Amitabha  generated Bodhicitta and took fifty-one vows to lead all sentient beings to the pure realm Dewachen, the Land of Great Bliss (Sukhavati). On a deeper level Amitabha represents the nature of our mind which is limitless and luminous and also represents the transformation of one of the five mind poisons, Desire.

Amitabha is practised during one’s lifetime as a preparation for death. It can also be done on behalf of someone who has passed away to help them take rebirth in Dewachen.

  Only people who have refuge and empowerment can receive the practice instructions. 
However,  anybody is welcome to attend the puja and just sit and recite the mantra.