Ken & Katia Holmes

30 Oct – 9 Nov 2017

 Programme to be anounced

Ken and Katia Holmes are two of the most renowned and beloved teachers of Buddhism in Europe and the UK.

Ken and his wife Katia Holmes joined the Samye Ling Monastery community in Scotland over forty years ago, from backgrounds in engineering and political science respectively. Ever since, their lives have been devoted to preserving, practising, mastering and sharing Tibetan Buddhism. Having spent much time studying dharma under the greatest masters of the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions, they have produced many translations of key Tibetan texts and continue to interpret for visiting teachers. They have trained since the 1970s in the teachings of Mahamudra, under Akong Rinpoche and the Tai Situpa, and have each been appointed as dharma teachers in their own right. Ken has been teaching since the early 1980’s and has the title of dharmacharya.