Mindfulness Africa

Mindfulness Africa
8-Week Mindfulness Based Living Course
With Kerri Martinaglia & Carey Would
Beginning on Saturday 4th February 2017,

Every Saturday at the same time for 8 consecutive weeks.

Weekly sessions: 9am – 11am

“Mindfulness entails being present in the moment, which is the ground out of which tranquillity arises. One comes face-to-face with the mind and learns about it at a deep level. This leads to inner understanding and penetrating insight into the illusion we have created about ourselves and the nature of life.” Rob Nairn

We will explore different dimensions of mindfulness and how to practice it. We will also touch into the transformative power of mindfulness and its ability to reduce negative emotions while increasing kindness, joy and equanimity.

There will be talks, guided meditations, small group exercises and group discussion.
The Course Covers:
1) Starting Where We Are, 2) The Body as a Place to Stay Present, 3) Introducing Mindfulness Support, 4) Working with Distraction, 5) Exploring the Undercurrent, 6) Attitude of the Observer,7) Self-Acceptance, 8) A Mindfulness Based Life, Day Retreat to close.

Please contact the office for set dates, course fees and bookings: info@waterfallretreatcenter.com