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  • In general…

    If you are new to Makhanda / Grahamstown and would like to find out more about meditation at the centre, please do stop in. We don’t update this web page very frequently, as it doesn’t attract much traffic, but we do have a monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date on the activities […]

  • 2019

    This year was again very full, with three 8 week MBLC courses. Our Tara Rokpa Therapy group also received visits from Edie Irwin, Trish Swift and Jayne Pillosoff. The end of our three year Back to Beginnings process culminates in a “Birthing” retreat at TRC in January 2020. Weekly sittings continue unabated…

  • 2018

    2017 was a busy year for us, with two eight week Mindfulness Courses run as well as three Tara Rokpa Therapy weekends and a Lucid Dreaming retreat. We also maintained the weekly Tuesday sitting practise from 18:00-19:00. Some of us went up to see Drupon Rinpoche when he visited the TRC and Anton and Alex […]