Mindfulness One Year Course

Following the successful Eight Week course that was run in Grahamstown last year, Mindfulness Africa is running a One Year course in the Eastern Cape this year, beginning in April.

What is mindfulness?

To be aware of what is happening while it’s happening without preference.

Mindfulness is a lifelong endeavor that develops the faculty to skillfully work with the general “ups and downs” of life as well as habitual patterns the mind has towards distraction. It culminates in the practice of a secular form of meditation and mindful-movement.

Why Mindfulness?

This faculty(if cultivated) may help us learn how to accept our current state of being without pushing our experience away, chasing desired states, or being indifferent or apathetic towards our circumstances. There is an aspiration towards a compassionate attitude towards others and most of all, ourselves.



This one year Course will be facilitated by Jane Burt, a qualified Mindfulness Africa Practitioner and student of Rob Nairn, Ken Holmes and Akong Rinpoche. The course was developed by Rob Nairn(author of “Diamond Mind)and the founder of  Mindfulness Africa. The course is based on the MSC course of Mindfulness Run through Aberdeen University Scotland.




Session 1: 6-April: 9:30-17:00; 7-April: 6:00-17:00
Session 2: 13-July: 9:30-17:00; 14-July: 6:00-17:00

Session 3:19-October: 9:30-17:00; 20-October: 6:00-17:00

Session 4: 5 day retreat, dates to be decided.

Venue: to be confirmed


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