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2016 – Schedule

We don’t get a huge amount of traffic on this site, so we don’t update it very frequently. If you’d like any further info on these events for the year (costs, content and so forth) or to be added to our mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter with updates and details, please contact the […]

Mindfulness Course 2014

Mindfulness Training: what is it? Mindfulness training teaches us how to settle our minds. While the mind is unsettled, it is distracted, often missing out on what is happening in the present, and drawing us repeatedly into thoughts about the future (such as planning or worrying) or mulling over the past. But this thinking mind doesn’t create the […]


We are located at 19 West Street, Grahamstown, through the door in the red wall. For queries email: Our postal address is 19 West Street, Market Square, Grahamstown, 6141.


TUESDAY EVENING MEDITATION We hold weekly mindfulness meditation at our center, 19 West Street, Grahamstown, from 18:00-19:00. For those who would like to stay, we then have some tea and from 19:30-20:30 listen to an audio teaching, or discuss a dharma text.   SUNDAY MONTHLY MEDITATION DAY On the last Sunday of the month we […]

Mindfulness One Year Course

Following the successful Eight Week course that was run in Grahamstown last year, Mindfulness Africa is running a One Year course in the Eastern Cape this year, beginning in April. What is mindfulness? To be aware of what is happening while it’s happening without preference. Mindfulness is a lifelong endeavor that develops the faculty to […]