Mindful Writing Retreat with Anton – 2015

“You need to begin to explore another way to write, to build awareness to write from…To create from joy, to create from wonder, demands a continual discipline, a great compassion…it demands a continual objectivity of spirit, a continual looking out at, and beyond the world created by the senses…”

Thuksey Rinpoche,
in Andrew Harvey’s Journey to Ladakh (1983)

The theme of this writing retreat arises from my own recent reflections on trying to reconcile a creative life with one of Buddhist mindfulness practise. I’ve been wondering how we work with our minds when we write, and how writing could benefit from mindfulness, and also become a way to practise. On this retreat, we’ll use different kinds of guided practises (sitting, walking, bodyscan) as well as practical workshops geared towards sparking creativity and honing writing skills. Drawing on texts such as Dinty Moore’s The Mindful Writer: Noble Truths of the Writing Life (2012), the retreat sets out to cultivate a mindful approach to writing in a variety of genres.

For more info, visit: http://www.tararokpacentre.co.za/mindful-writing