Mindfulness Course – Starting March 6, 2014

Mindfulness Training: what is it?

Mindfulness training teaches us how to settle our minds. While the mind is unsettled, it is distracted, often missing out on what is happening in the present, and drawing us repeatedly into thoughts about the future (such as planning or worrying) or mulling over the past. But this thinking mind doesn’t create the security we wish for, and often perpetuates anxiety, regret or other negative states. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can work with bringing an attitude of kindness and acceptance towards ourselves, and with learning to be in the present moment more and more, both in sitting meditation and in mindful movement and every day life. This progressive training results in a deepening awareness and compassion. We also learn techniques to deal with difficult situations and emotional states, and that help us to become more resilient to the ups and downs of everyday life.

This course was developed by Rob Nairn (who has explored and taught mindfulness over the last forty years) and a group of Mindfulness Africa trainers. Facilitators go through a four year training period.

The 8 Week Course
We begin the course with a free introductory session on the 6th of March, 6-8pm. You can attend this to hear more about the course, with no obligation to continue.
The course will then run for eight weeks starting on the 13th of March, with a week off on the 10th of April in the varsity vac and also on the 1st of May public holiday. There will be a Sunday day of practice on the 4th of May.
There is a limit on the size of the group, so if you are keen, let us know soon.
Anton and Alex will be co-facilitators. To add your name to the list attending contact Alex (alexrigpa@gmail.com).
COST of the 8 week course

For the whole course plus a one day retreat, over a period of two months, the cost is R500.00 (full) / R350.00 (students). It’s possible to pay this fee in monthly installments of R200 (with a R50 deposit upfront); but you’ll receive a discount if you pay the whole amount upfront.
Once off upfront payment discount: R450.00 (full) / R300.00 (students)

If you would like to attend the course, but you can’t afford it, you may apply for a reduction.
If you have done this, or the One Year course before, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the cost.