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  • 6 Tuesday afternoon Mindfulness Course commencing March 14

    This Mindfulness course will introduce you to simple techniques which will help you deal with the everyday ups and downs of life, learning how to be more at ease with yourself as you are. Participants will learn simple meditation techniques which, spilling over into daily life, help give you more time to be at ease […]

  • Retreat with Dave Sheehan | Relaxing in the Midst of Chaos – May Tue 23 – Sun 28, 2017

    Venue: Susurumba, Juliasdale, Nyanga Presenter: Dave Sheehan Dates: Tuesday 23 May 4pm  – Sunday 10 am 28 May 2017 Bookings by May 10 please Suggested cost – Accommodation: Shared rooms $150 (or $35 per night ) Single room    $225 ( if available) Camping $100 (OR $20 per night) Students 25% discount on the above […]