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  • Tulku Ogyen Nyima’s Programme August 9-16, 2016

    Kagyu Samye Ling Zimbabwe are very pleased to be able to confirm that Tulku Ogyen Nyima will be in Harare from August 9 – 16. Tulku Ogyen Nyima is the Venerable Fifth Minyak Rinpoche. Click here to read more about him. During his visit Tulku Ogyen Nyima will be performing a Refuge ceremony and various Empowerments. […]

  • Mindfulness Retreat: Finding Freedom from Difficult & Painful Mind States, 13-18 Dec 2016

    When: Tuesday 13th – Sunday 18th December 2016 Where:  Susurumba, Juliasdale, Nyanga Course Presenter: Dave Sheehan Stress, anxiety, despair, guilt, and depression – we all experience the pain of these powerful, uncomfortable and fear-inspiring mind states. Buddhism offers unique insights and techniques that help us to explore and understand emotional energy and patterns that give rise to […]