Rokpa 3 Day Film Festival

Exploring Consciousness

When: Friday 2 March to Sunday 4 March from 10.00am to 7pm
Where: Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Road, Monavale
Parking for USD1 at the Italian Club across the road.
Cost: USD5 per movie with specials.

Food and drink, cafe style, will be available throughout the 3 days. Full programme listed below.
For more information, contact the Rokpa Centre at 304 202 or at , mornings only.


A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O’Donohue
Walk with this Irish poet and philosopher through the beautiful landscape of western Ireland. Ancient wisdom with personal history and stunning imagery. (54 minutes) 10 a.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Sunday.

2012: Science or Superstition?
December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya. Some scientists and writers see catastrophe, while others see renewal.  (78minutes)  11.30 a.m. Friday

Your Mythic Journey with Sam Keen
Philosopher Sam Keen shares the importance of “personal story telling” as a way of looking back at life to make sense of where you are today. (57 minutes) 2 p.m. Friday and 11.30 a.m. Sunday.

Beyond Zero Point: Journey to Compassion
A documentary about the ancient wisdom concerning our inner spirit and the science of healing through compassion. Research about understanding ancient prophecies. (76mins) 3.30 p.m. Friday

Elizabeth Kubler Ross: Facing Death
Death and dying were Kubler-Ross’ life’s work. This intimate film of her life was made when she lived secluded in the desert, awaiting her own death. (98 minutes) 5. 30 p.m. Friday.

The Last Lecture
The inspirational lecture Professor Randy Pausch delivered before his death from cancer, titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, resonated with people around the globe. (73 minutes) 10 a.m. Saturday.

Stunning photography captures astonishing landscapes on earth and tells the story of its vulnerability. This is a film about our environment and ways it is being destroyed, but with some hope of renewal. (118 mins) Saturday 11.30 a.m.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom
Combining personal reflections, clinical experiences and research findings, Dr. Catherine Northrup reveals the powerful dimensions behind the mother/daughter relationship. (75 minutes)   2 p.m. Saturday and 3.30 p.m. Sunday.

Living Matrix
This film focuses on the intricate web of factors that determine our wellbeing. From the quantum physics of the human body-field to heart coherence and healthcare. (83 mins) 3.30 p.m. Saturday.

The Challenge of Change is the compelling story of a great teacher of the 20th Century, Krishnamurti, from his childhood discovery in 1909 to his mature teachings, where he called for the awakening of intelligence. (80 mins) 5.30 p.m. Saturday.

This film speaks in magnificent images, natural sounds and music. On one level it is a travelogue , on another it is a meditation on the planet. (96 mins) 2.00 p.m. Sunday.

Infinity – The Ultimate Trip
Using beautiful imagery, along with personal accounts of near-death experiences, reincarnation and more, Infinity brings forth the story of our own infinite nature. (90 minutes) 5.30 p.m. Sunday.

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