KSDH Newsletter ~ April

To download a copy of April’s newsletter, click this link ~ KSDH News.Vol 10.April 2012

In this issue:

  • Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley
    • Introductory Talk on Thursday 7th June, 5.30pm
    • Weekend Workshop on Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th June
  • Feature: Information on the Harare KSDH Bardo Group
  • List of regular events at KSDH and Rokpa Centre
  • Contact details

Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

Introductory Talk

When: Thursday 7th June 5.30 – 7.00pm
Where: 7a Ernie’s Lane, Monavale, Harare
Cost: US$ 5.00

Weekend Workshop – Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep: A holistic approach to lucid dreaming

When: Saturday 9th June 9.00am until Sunday 10th June 4pm. Stay overnight at the centre to dream!
Where: 7a Ernie’s Lane, Monavale, Harare
Cost: US$ 85.00

Please bring something to share for lunch. Also bring mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and what you need to keep warm – June can be chilly.

Note that inability to pay should not be an obstacle to attending this workshop. Contact us beforehand so we can make a plan.

We sleep for a third of our lives. Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep allows us to make use of that time and gives us the tools to train our minds, reprogram our habits and to enter into a friendship with every aspect of our psyches, all while we’re sound asleep.

By using the best of both Tibetan Buddhist and Western dream-work techniques, Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep offers a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming with the aims of psychological growth, mind training and nocturnal spiritual practice!

All workshops and retreats include an overview of the history, science and practice of lucid dreaming from both the Western psychological and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, instructions on how to maintain awareness into and out of sleep, and of course plenty of teachings on learning “how to lucid dream”.

On the “sleep over” residential retreats, participants even have the opportunity to engage in group dreaming sessions, with everybody falling asleep side by side with the shared aim of lucid awareness!

About Charlie Morley:

Charlie received the traditional “authorization to teach” from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and has been described by Rob Nairn as “the most authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe”. Since then he has run workshops around the world, co-created the Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep approach and has recently done a talk at the well-known TED conferences.

Feature: The Harare BARDO GROUP

The Harare KSDH Buddhist Centre has a BARDO GROUP formed by dedicated Buddhists.  As Buddhists we believe in karma and in a continuous cycle of rebirths until we reach enlightenment.  When our present life comes to an end, we enter the bardo, the intermediate state between this death and our next rebirth.  Both dying and our passage through the bardo are difficult stages in the cycle of rebirths.  Hence the BARDO GROUP endeavours to spiritually support the dying and the deceased with prayers and pujas (ritual practices).

The objectives of the Harare KSDH Buddhist Group are:

  1. To deepen our understanding of the dying process and of the passage through the bardo.
  2. To deepen our understanding of how to specifically prepare for our own death.
  3. To offer spiritual support to fellow sangha members during the dying  process.
  4. To offer spiritual support to members – and to their loved ones
    – Immediately after their death
    – During their time in the bardo.
  5. To assist with arranging:
    – Buddhist funeral ceremonies
    – Buddhist re-birth ceremonies.

In July or August this year, the BARDO GROUP will hold a workshop on the process of dying, the passage through the bardo and on rebirth according to the Buddhist perspective.  After this we hope that our sangha members and other interested parties will be better informed of the spiritual support and other services we offer to our fellow Buddhists and to their deceased loved ones, on request.

If you would like more information, please contact the coordinator (Maia Chenaux-Repond, Tel 303591) or any other member of the BARDO GROUP.  The contact details of members are posted on our notice board or ask Sabina Gondo at the office tel. 304202 (morning only) for our contact information.

Regular Events

Unless otherwise mentioned, these events take place at either the Kagyu Samye Dzong Harare Temple (7a Ernies Lane, Monavale) or at Rokpa Centre Shrine Room (34 Quendon Road, Mabelreign, opposite the Italian Club).





Monday Meditation followed by soup and socializing 5.30pm – 6.10pm Quendon Road
Tuesday Amitabha and Dorje SempaYoga (Angie) 8.00am – 10.00am5.30pm – 6.30pm Quendon RoadQuendon Road
Thursday Green Tara 7.30am – 8.45am Quendon Road
Friday Chenrezig 5.30pm – 6.10pm Quendon Road(Note change of venue for winter)
Saturday Yoga (Roger or Pippa) 7.30am – 9.00am Quendon Road
First Sunday of every month Meditation Retreat 8.30am – 12.00pm Ernie’s Lane (KSDH)
Third Sunday Practice Morning (Ngondro, Chenresig, sitting meditation, or whatever your practice is) 9.30am – 12.30pm Ernie’s Lane (KSDH)


Contact Details

Rokpa Office Sabina Nkonde Gomo 304 202
MC Chairperson Barbara Vitoria 0772 309 211
Monday meditation Debra Chimuka 0772 336 017
Chenresig Kala Antao 302 137
Amitaba / Dorje Sempa Maia C. Repond 303 591
Green Tara Tania Dos Remedios 744724
Yoga Roger Castelin 0712 630 698
Angela Neighbour 740 580
Sunday Meditation Kala Antao 302 137
Sunday Practice Jayne Pilosoff 861 030

For issues to be included in the next Newsletter send your mail to

Sabina Gomo: rokpa 9at] zol.co.zw or Barbara Kaim: zimbarbs [at] gmail.com

Note that the Rokpa office is only open in the mornings 8am – 1pm Monday – Friday

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