May-June 2013 Courses at Larmenier Village Community Hall

Relevant information for each course:

  • Venue: Lamenier Village Hall, 4 Ridgeway North, Highlands (just off Enterprise Road behind Nazareth House)
  • Course Fee: $60 for the whole course, including a CD (MP3 format) .  Payment at the beginning of the first session (please come early). Please talk to the presenters if full payment is difficult for you .
  • What to Bring: Loose, comfortable clothing is suggested ; bring your  own cushion for meditation (if you would prefer this to sitting on a chair).

NB Each course is limited to 20 people.

Please make a booking by emailing Shelagh Tozer at shelagh.tozer [at] clearly indicating

  • which course you wish to attend, and
  • supplying your name and vehicle registration number to allow you to access to Lamenier Village.

1.  6 Week (Mornings) – Introduction to Mindfulness Course

For those who are interested in developing their mindfulness facility plus a refresher course for those who have done mindfulness training in the past.

  • Dates:  6 Monday mornings commencing Monday 13 May until Monday 17 June 2013
  • Times:  09.30-11.30hrs
  • Presenters:  Jayne Pilossof and Dave Sheehan

2.  6 Week (Evenings) – Mindfulness Training as a way to bring more Harmony and Peace into our daily lives

For both beginner and more experienced mindfulness practitioners / meditators.

  • Dates:  6 Monday evenings commencing Monday 13 May until Monday 17 June 2013
  • Times:  17.15 – 19.00 hrs
  • Presenters:  Mia Moers and  Dave Sheehan

3.  6 Week Course  – Using Mindfulness Techniques to Help Reduce Stress

Previous mindfulness / meditation experience is recommended.

  • Dates:  6 Wednesday evenings commencing Wednesday 15 May until Wednesday 19 June 2013
  • Times:  17.15 – 19.00 hrs
  • Presenters:  Mia Moers  and Jayne Pilossof

Feedback from participants on previous courses:

  • Despite low levels of understanding it feels exceptionally right. You may be fascinated to know, and you can quote me, that I smoke 60 cigarettes a day. I never once felt a slight craving for a cigarette during the six week course and actually felt a slight aversion to smoking when I got back into the motor car (JB)
  • Has helped me regain focus, peace & presence of mind when going off the rails.  In particular allowing both positive and negative thoughts and feelings to occur without preference or suppression whilst strengthening the observer side of the mind (DC)
  • Why isn’t such fundamental stuff taught in schools??!!
  • Getting the basics of mindfulness and actually feel that it’s a good thing.
  • Kindfulness!! Finally realising how important it is to be kind to myself (AK)
  • I see mindfulness as the stabilizer of our being and, without it, I can’t imagine developing and balancing  my compassion and wisdom, and being able to respond rather than react to situations.(IJ)
  • it was quite liberating to find a mechanism that frees oneself of the ‘burden of the past and the present’ and living the moment (CT)
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