Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley 8-13 August 2013

Charlie MorleyCharlie Morley, an international teacher of lucid dream, offers a workshop to develop our inherent ability to wake up within our dreams and work creatively with the deeper layers of our minds. This helps free ourselves of our psychological limitations, develop self-understanding and our creative potential. Charlie has run retreats around the world and is touring Southern Africa for the second time in August 2013. This is a one-off opportunity to learn how to practice lucid dreaming with a leading international expert.

Where do you go when you dream? 

Training in Lucid Dreaming enables you to:

  • engage the innate healing potential of the dreaming mind
  • prepare yourself for the practice of dream yoga
  • discover a world of inner meaning and potential by unravelling the mystery of dreams.

By learning how to sleep mindfully and dream lucidly we can also wake up in our daily lives and nurture our spiritual and psychological awakening.

Want to know more?

Introductory film: “The Lucid Dreamer”

Date: Sat 27 July 2013, 3pm

Venue: Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale,

Cost: $5.00

Introductory talk by Charlie Morley:

Date: Thurs 8 August 2013

Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm

Venue:  Alliance Française, 328 H Chitepo Ave

Cost: $5.00

3-day sleep over retreat:

(Daytime-only also possible)

Date: Sat 10 – Mon 12 August 2013

Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm

Venue: 7A Ernies’ Lane,Monavale

Cost: $25/day -or donation

For booking details and additional info contact Sabina on 304202 or 0775554455 Email: rokpa [at]

Find us on Facebook: Kagyu Samye Dzong Harare

Charlie’s website:

Check out Charlie’s talk at a recent TED Conference:

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