Insight & Dream Talk by Rob Nairn – Dec 5, 2013

Rob Nairn

Rob Nairn

Date: Thursday 5th December, 5.30pm.
Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, 328 H. Chitepo Ave, Harare
Cost: $5.00

Many people in Harare have met and been on mindfulness and meditation courses offered by Rob Nairn, international mindfulness teacher and author of several books, and by Charlie Morley on lucid dreaming, a technique that enables you to be fully aware while you are dreaming.

Both are international teachers in their own rights, and both have benefited from the experience of each other. Rob has been Charlie’s teacher for many years and this talk gives you the opportunity to hear another experienced lucid dream practitioner talk about his experience, the benefits of lucid dream and how to learn Lucid Dreaming techniques and use them to develop insight into our minds.

Charlie Morley has this to say about the talk …

“I am sure I don’t need to remind anyone about Rob Nairn’s tireless work as a pioneer of mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhist psychology as well as being the official African representative of the late Akong Tulku Rinpoche. But what you may need to be reminded of is his expertise with the practices of sleep and dream. He is my teacher and taught me everything I know about how to bring the practice of lucid dreaming into the spiritual path. Rob opened my eyes to the full potential of not only the dream state but also of the hypnapompic state. In fact he invented and perfected the “hypnapompic mindfulness” practice that I now teach. And yet, Rob rarely teaches specifically on dreams which makes his upcoming talk “Insight and Dream” so very exciting! So, if you have any interest in lucid dreaming or Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep please DO NOT miss this talk!

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