Rob Nairn – 5 Year Insight Course: Year 1 – 10-Day Insight Retreat Oct 3-12, 2014

Closed Retreat restricted to practitioners on the 5 Year Insight course

Insight training really frees the mind. The power of Insight exposes the hidden forces that secretly trap us in the mind states that prevent freedom and happiness. The notion of there being hidden forces in our minds may be novel because most people would react with the comment “I know my mind – there are no hidden forces”. But, if we seriously begin insight training we will discover that this is not the case. The most powerful energies in us that dictate how we think and feel are the deep unseen ones – generally found within the unconscious, but also lurking closer to the surface in the subliminal layer.

1. This retreat is open to those who are registered and are up to date with their payments for Rob Nairn’s 5 year Insight course.
2. Shared  accommodation
3. Please contact Dave and Pam Sheehan at zimsheehans [at] before the end of August 2014 for an ACCOMMODATION, PAYMENT AND TRANSPORT BOOKING FORM. Forms must be submitted to Dave & Pam by the end of August. For further queries: Dave Sheehan 0772-317424 and Pam Sheehan 0772 404129, zimsheehans [at]

More information on retreats at Susurumba, including directions and suggested list of things to bring.

Shared bedrooms:
Full Retreat – USD 325 or USD 40 per day

Camping:  Full Retreat – USD 225 or USD 30 per day (please bring all camping equipment including mattresses and pillow)

Dana for Rob:  In keeping with the Buddhist tradition, the teacher’s only compensation is a dana (meaning donation) by the student of a size appropriate to the perceived value of the teaching and the means of the giver. The retreat leaders accept dana in appreciation of their teachings.

Payment in full, PLEASE, on/or before 13 September 2014 to secure your booking to:

a. Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Road, Monavale, Harare (08.30 – 12.30 weekdays). Please obtain a receipt.

b. Pam Sheehan via Ecocash on 0772 404129.

Suggested arrival Friday 3 October from 2.00pm; please try to arrive by 6.00 pm for evening soup which will be followed by an introductory talk and instruction.

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