Do you want to learn how to read Tibetan? – Oct-Dec 2014

Tibetan is an exciting language to learn to read and isn’t as difficult as it looks!

When: Four Wednesday evenings
– 29th October
– 5th November
– 3rd December
– 17th December
Time: 5.30 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Where: 29 Swallow Hill, Helensvale, Harare

If you are interested, please email Pam on zimsheehans [at] by 20th October 2014.

We are very fortunate that South African monk Tingdzin, who has just completed his second 4-year retreat, will be visiting Harare from 19th January to 8th February 2015.

Some folk have shown an interest in learning Tibetan, and here is your opportunity! Tingdzin is willing to assist with Tibetan lessons. To obtain optimum benefit from the short time he is with us, Jayne and Pam are offering some very basic preliminary sessions. These will include:

  • learning the alphabet
  • pronunciation (as best we know how! And with the aid of a CD)
  • how to write Tibetan
  • learning basic vocabulary
  • the basic rules
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