“Peaceful mind, Compassionate mind” retreat with Alan Muller Jan 30 – Feb 12, 2016

Alan Muller

Alan Muller

If we wish to find lasting happiness we need to look at how to tame the mind and uncover our compassionate nature. During the retreat we will use different contemplations and meditations to help reveal our jewel – like nature and help bring a deeper happiness into our daily lives.

The emphasis on this retreat will be to deepen and progress on a practice that is dear to you. Those practitioners who are doing their Ngondro may like to use this retreat to enhance this practice whereas others may choose to do intensive Green Tara, Dorje Sempa or Chenrezig practice. Others may use this opportunity to progress on their Insight training if they are attending Rob’s Insight course, and some may prefer to use this time to concentrate on shinay meditation. The choice is entirely yours.

Cost: $20 per day single room accommodation. Please bring your own linen and towels. A contribution towards staff and Dana for Alan would be very much appreciated.

Alan is prepared to offer instruction/guidance on basic meditation technique, how to visualise, basic Buddhist principles, and Chenrezig.

Alan Muller is one of our hidden South African Buddhist treasures. He took vows for some time as a Buddhist Monk, and did a year’s retreat at Samye Ling in Scotland. He now conducts short retreats at the Tara Rokpa Retreat Centre in Groot Marico. He has much experience and wisdom to share in his quiet, humble and compassionate manner.

Those wishing to attend are requested to please arrive at the start of the retreat and remain for a minimum of five days. There will be Noble Silence throughout the retreat.

The following program has been suggested as a guide (especially for Buddhist practitioners).

0500 – 0600 Green Tara practice in the main shrine room
0600 – 0700 Meditation
0700 – 0800 Breakfast
0800 – 1000 Personal practice in your room
1000 – 1100 Talk and Guided meditation
1100 – 1230 Personal practice in your room
Retreatants can make their own tea during this session
1230 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1700 Personal practice in your room
Retreatants can make their own tea during this session
1700 – 1830 Own time
1830 – 1915 Soup
1915 – 2000 Meditation in the temple
2000+ Feedback with Alan
Finish off the evening with Chenrezig

For further information please contact Dave Sheehan on zimsheehans [at] gmail.com

We ourselves must engage personally in the process of discovering the meaning of our own life. It cannot be handed to us – either by a machine or by another person. This is why personal experiences have such an important place in our spiritual path. I believe a spiritual path is most effective for us when we bring all our experiences along with us on that path. Spiritual discovery is not a matter of finding wisdom out there somewhere. It is a matter of discovering what already exists within us. Like cleaning the surface of a stone inscription, the more you clean it, the more the original carving becomes apparent. We are like that stone. With spiritual practice, instead of gaining something we did not have before, we gradually make ourselves clearer to ourselves.
~ H.H. 17th Karmapa

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