6 week Mindfulness Course (Saturday mornings) ~ 23 Apr – 28 May 2016

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of skilled, non-judgmental awareness of the present moment.

Most of us spend vital energy and mental activity focused in the past or the future. We lose touch with our present-moment power. Not only does this compromise our ability to act, but it negatively affects our state of mind, and creates mental habits of longing for the past and obsessing or worrying about the future.

How does mindfulness training help?

When we learn mindful awareness of our thoughts, our emotions and our sensory experiences, and we practice working with what each moment offers, we can regain our strength, a feeling of being whole and calm, and sharpen our focus.

In mindfulness meditations, we pay attention to the present moment’s smallest details and learn not to react automatically to what we observe. These mental habits then spill over into our daily lives carrying with them a peaceful, more balanced and happier mindset, even in the face of challenges and upsets.

6 Week Course (Saturday mornings)

Mindfulness practice can bring spaciousness into your life. It’s about being more aware of the present, less caught up in hurry, hurry and frequent thoughts of the future and the past. It’s about being more effective with less pressure, but in order to make real change participants need to be prepared for about 20 minutes of home practice daily, in addition to the weekly meetings.

  • Presenters: Jayne Pilossof & Jane Soper
  • Venue: Rokpa, 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale
  • Dates: 6 Saturday mornings April 23-May 28 2016
  • Times: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm each Saturday
  • Cost: $60.00 – In this environment, cash would be preferred where possible please
  • For further information & bookings please contact Jane Soper on janesoper67 [at] gmail.com or telephone 0772-141746


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