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CANCELLATION OF Insight and Compassion – Year 3 – 5-Day Insight/Mindfulness Retreat Sep 27 – Oct 02, 2016

We regret to advise that due the lack of interest with this retreat, we have found it necessary to cancel. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. This Retreat is for present or past Insight course attendees The theme for the retreat is “Insight and Compassion”. This has been chosen because of the need for compassion […]

Ken Holmes – Retreat at Susurumba, Nyanga – Sept 16-22, 2016

Retreat topic: “Seven Points of Mindtraining (Lojong)” The Seven-Point Mind Training (Lojong) practices form one of the great jewels of Tibetan Buddhism. Not only have they brought the kind, loving, bodhisattva path of awakening to Tibetans for almost a thousand years but they have also proved themselves to be one of the most effective teachings […]