CANCELLATION OF Insight and Compassion – Year 3 – 5-Day Insight/Mindfulness Retreat Sep 27 – Oct 02, 2016

We regret to advise that due the lack of interest with this retreat, we have found it necessary to cancel. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This Retreat is for present or past Insight course attendees

The theme for the retreat is “Insight and Compassion”. This has been chosen because of the need for compassion training expressed in last year’s retreat.

As you are aware, Rob Nairn is unable to present this retreat. So we have come up with a way to use our own resources to approach the retreat as a DIY process. In order to ascertain the viability of this retreat we are requesting that interested practitioners please email Mia Moers on mia.moers [at] by August 23 please.

Preparing for the retreat

Between now and September, the Insight groups will focus on what it means to be compassionate in the circumstances of our lives at this time. It looks like we are headed for more stressful times and so compassion will be really important for ourselves and those around us. This provides a good opportunity to explore compassion, the obstacles to it, and how to integrate compassion more deeply into our lives. This preparation will form the basis of the teaching sessions.

Teaching sessions during the retreat

Teaching sessions will be done by ourselves through preparing short presentations for the retreat based on our exploration of compassion during the next few months. Presentations will be done by both group facilitators and group members who would like to share their own experiences and insights or share a teaching on compassion through an audio recording, reading or other source. We will then explore what has been presented as a group. These presentations will comprise the morning and evening teaching sessions. The Insight group facilitators are available to help group members prepare the teaching sessions. A full program of talks and discussions will be posted in due course.

Retreat benefits

The retreat offers you a unique and precious opportunity to take time out for your own inner peace and nourishment, deepen your meditation practice, explore issues that are meaningful to you and integrate your insights into your life, as well as having time to relax, enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of Susarumba and be with others who are also walking the inner path.

1. This retreat is open to those who registered for Rob Nairn’s Insight course. You are still welcome to attend if you registered and left the course but feel that the retreat would be helpful.
2. Accommodation will be shared
3. If you have indicated your willingness to attend this retreat, please then complete the ACCOMMODATION, PAYMENT AND TRANSPORT BOOKING FORM by 15th September 2016 and send it to Lisa Langhaug at lisa.langhaug [at], together with any queries you might have.
– Download booking form – Word
– Download booking form – PDF
4. 100% payment is essential to confirm a booking. Accommodation is confirmed on receipt of payment.
5. Suggest arrival on Tuesday 27 Sept from 14.00hrs. Please try to arrive by 18.00hrs for evening soup which will be followed by an introductory talk and instruction.
6. Phone enquiries to: Dave Sheehan 0772-317424 or Pam Sheehan 0772-404129.

More information on retreats at Susurumba, including directions and suggested list of things to bring.

Cash please to your Insight group facilitator
Shared accommodation: Full Retreat – USD 150

Single room: USD 225 if available

Camping: Full Retreat – USD 100 (please bring all camping equipment including mattresses and pillow)

Camping – tent, mattress and pillow supplied: USD 150 for the whole retreat – we will set up a tent for you prior to your arrival.

Payment in full, PLEASE, on/or before 15 September 2016 to secure your booking.

Suggest arrival on Thursday September 27, 2016 from 14.00hrs. Please try to arrive by 18.00hrs for evening soup which will be followed by an introductory talk and instruction.

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