Lea Wyler – Head of Rokpa International | Presentation on Thur Nov 17 @ 5.30 pm, Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Road

Many of you will know that charitable work was very dear to Akong Rinpoche’s heart. This led to his founding Rokpa International, which has become one of the largest international charities working primarily in Tibet, but also in Zimbabwe, through the Rokpa Support Network (RSN) and South Africa.

At Rinpoche’s side in Rokpa International, was Lea Wyler.

They were about to embark on a visit to the Rokpa projects in Tibet when Rinpoche was so tragically killed in 2013. We are delighted to be hosting Lea at the Rokpa Centre after a 14 year absence.

Please join Lea Wyler, head of Rokpa International for a fascinating journey round Tibet and Nepal.

Date: Thursday November 17
Time: 5.30pm.
Venue: Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Road, opposite the Italian Club

Please bring some finger food and drinks to share for this unique occasion.

While she is here Lea will be reviewing RSN’s projects in Zimbabwe, but she also wishes to let us know about her many years of work

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