Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Aug 10 – 15 at Susurumba Retreat Centre, Juliasdale, Zimbabwe

August, Thur 10 – Tue 15 (Mon & Tue 14/15 Aug are Public Holidays)

Topic: Making friends with your Inner Critic

How can we work with the Inner Critic?

Are we able to recognise the  Inner Critic not as the truth, but as a single voice among many?

The Inner Critic reviews our mistakes endlessly, in an attempt to prevent future errors or failures. It believes that the best way to ensure our happiness is to berate us about our short comings.  It doesn’t realise that it is also stealing away our innate capacity for happiness. As we grow older, it can infiltrate our mind so thoroughly that we don’t realise that we have fallen into a pervasively negative pattern of thinking about ourselves. When this happens, people begin to think of themselves as “defective” or “broken.”

The retreat will look at ways of understanding how the Inner Critic arises and developing techniques for befriending it.

Venue: Susurumba, Juliasdale, Nyanga
Presenter: Dave Sheehan
Dates: Thursday 10 August  4pm – Tuesday 10 am 15 August 2017 (please note that Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 August are public holidays)

Suggested Accommodation Cost:
Shared rooms – $150 (or $35 per night)
Single room –  $225 (if available)
Camping – $100 (or $20 per night)

For more information and booking form please contact Dave on zimsheehans [at] gmail.com.

Please contact us if you have financial constraints – this should not be an obstacle to attending the retreat.

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