Being Flexible is being Alive, with Dave Sheehan | Tue 4 – Sun 9 Feb 2020

We cannot change the world to conform to our wishes, but we can have mastery over how we experience it; learning to accept and adapt will mature our minds.
A rigid or narrow-minded person has difficulty in getting on with other people and with their own life.  On the other hand, a broad-minded, flexible person will fit in anywhere.
Akong Tulku Rinpoche

Dates: Tuesday 4 – Sunday 9 February, 2020
Venue: Susurumba Retreat Centre
Suggested offering:
Rooms USD125 (for entire retreat) cash preferred or market equivalent
Camping USD75 (for entire retreat) cash preferred or market equivalent

Please note that financial restraints should not be a restricting factor. Please chat to Dave.

Contact details and Bookings:
Please contact Dave on 0772-317424 (WhatsApp) or zimsheehans [at] for any further information and click on this link to complete the electronic booking form. Please note that in the case of a couple, EACH retreatant must please complete their own form.

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