Dónal Creedon | 9 night retreat | Friday 6 – Sunday 15 November, 2020 | Sutra of Life

It is still uncertain if this retreat will continue due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, you can book for this retreat through the link provided below.

Dates: 6pm Friday 6 – Sunday 15 November, 2020
Venue : Susurumba Retreat Centre, Juliasdale, Zimbabwe
Topic : Sutra of Life

Donal Creedon

Donal Creedon

‘Everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home’. Bashō

We live in a world where there is tremendous pressure and speed. Violence and fear are everywhere. We are like driftwood caught in a torrent. Rarely is there a moment of stillness and silence. There is very little space and time to discover what it actually means to be a human being and live naturally and gracefully with intelligence and affection.

Yet it need not be so if we take the time to listen, think and meditate.
We have to learn who we are, what we are, where we are and what it means to be a human being. We need to see the truth directly for ourselves. The main point of our retreat is to explore both surfaces and depths of our life, using the teachings and maps of mind provided by the Buddha as our compass. It involves looking into the shadow lands of the human psyche and as well rediscovering our true nature, our true home.

Dónal’s conditions for joining the retreat:
Each person should be committed to the full program and leave personal demands and agendas aside. This is essential. Ethical conduct based on Buddhist precepts and sensitivity to others is assumed. Activities such as offering various therapies etc for money is not permitted however it is fine to help others if needed.
If you cannot fulfill these conditions please do not come.

Timings :
Start time Suggested arrival 16.00- 17.00 hours on Friday 6 November
Evening soup is at 18:00 followed by Introductory Talk at 19:00
Finish time +- 10.30 hours Sunday 15 November

Costs :
USD500 per person single room. (limited single accommodation on site. We can put those interested in own rooms in touch with other establishments nearby)
USD300 per person shared room.
USD200 per person camping
(We can also provide tent and mattress up to five campers, on a first paid/first reserved basis; @ USD50 cash preferred per person. Please bring own sleeping bag)

Financial constraints should not be a restricting factor. Please contact Dave.

Bookings :
Please note that bookings can only be accepted on completion of the online booking form. This can be accessed by clicking on this link.
If you are experiencing problems with filling in the booking form, please contact Pam on zimsheehans@gmail.com or whatsapp 0772-404129

PAYMENTS: Until we are certain as to whether this retreat will go ahead, we ask that no payments be made at this time. Once we have a better idea, we will then advise when a 50% deposit is required in order to secure your being on the retreat and when final payment will be required. Thank you for your understanding.

For further information about the retreat please contact Dave Sheehan at zimsheehans@gmail.com or phone/whatsapp Pam on 0772404129

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