Two day mini-summit on “Developing Resilience in Difficult times” 1 and 2 February 2020 

HARARE BUDDHIST CENTRE is pleased to announce our very first ‘mini-summit’. The theme is “Developing Resilience in Difficult times” and will consist of a series of four talks by different speakers, followed by a facilitated discussion (led by Richard Maasdorp), over two mornings as follows:

Resilience –
“an individual or society’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity”

“The capacity to tolerate inevitable suffering and mitigate its effects on our lives.”

The definition of Resilience agreed for Zimbabwe by the UNDP is “the ability of at risk individuals, households, communities and systems to anticipate, cushion, adapt, bounce back better and move on from the effects of shocks and hazards in a manner that protects livelihoods and recovery gains, and supports sustainable transformation.”

“The wisdom to know what to accept as unavoidable suffering, what conditions can be changed and how to change them, and the courage to both accept and transform these conditions as well as our attitude and insight into ourselves and others.”

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Saturday 1 February
Venue: Borrowdale Meditation Centre, 6 Borrowdale Lane, off Piers Road.

8.30–9.00 – Guided Meditation (optional)
9.15–10.30 – Presentation by Dave Sheehan on “Restoring the Balance in Difficult Times”  followed by discussion

When we are “off balance” we feel uncomfortable even insecure and can experience difficulties in coping with life‘s demands. But what is it that causes us to lose our balance ? Is it changing outer circumstances or a lack of inner-stability to accept and adapt to external changes?
Dave will explore where and how we become trapped in delusional thinking, thus leaving us out of touch with the way things are. How non-acceptance of changed situations leads us to becoming off balance, especially during times of external challenge.

Dave has been meditating and examining the mind for the past 20 years. He has been very fortunate to have studied under a selection of authentic, compassionate and skilled teachers within the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Lineage. He also presents short meditation retreats within Zimbabwe.

10.30 – 11.00 – Tea
11.00 – 12.30 – Presentation by Trish Swift on  “Cultivating Inner Strength”  followed by discussion.

In difficult times, in fact at all times, it is important to open to ourselves and be willing to support what we discover! This involves getting past the shame, blame , judgement pattern that many of us are prone to and cultivating “unconditional friendliness” to ourselves and subsequently others.  Thus we become more capable of facing the inner and outer situation. As an adjunct to this approach there will be a brief exploration of the Elements according to the Tibetan system, namely earth, water fire, wind and space. These are not only natural phenomena but are also dynamic principles present in all situations including our inner psychological world. Familiarity with the elements provides tools for developing inner strength and balance

Trish is a long time Buddhist and psychotherapist. She also became a Quaker in the 60’s and has remained part of that group. There appears to be no incompatibility with Buddhism. Trish began her work life as a social worker and taught at the School of Social Work for many years. After establishing the Masters in Planning in Developing Countries in the early 80’s her interests were drawn back to the inner journey and she began a part time practice as a psychotherapist/ clinical social social worker. She has now given up teaching and is full time in psychotherapy practice.

Sunday 2 February
Venue: Harare Buddhist Centre, 7a Ernie’s Lane, Monavale

8.30–9.00 – Guided Meditation (optional)
9.00–10.30 – Presentation by Brenda Burrell on “Meditation Techniques for working with anger and its derivatives: outrage, frustration, indignation, despair”  followed by discussion

Bren has been in the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist fold since 2009. She is one of the founders of

10.30 – 11.00 – Tea
11.00 – 12.15 – Presentation  by Val Maasdorp followed by discussion on

  • “Coping with Loss”
  • “Building Contentment”

Loss is an inevitable part of life and the grief response is the human reaction to bereavement. If we experience loss from the moment we are born, why and how is it a unique and individual response and what is helpful and not so helpful in coping with it?

What’s the secret to happiness? If happiness can be described as a state characterized by feelings of contentment and satisfaction with one’s life, what can we do to build our sense of contentment even in challenging times?

Val  is Head of Counselling and Support Services of Island Hospice
Service, Zimbabwe where she has worked for 32 years. Her experience includes training, supervision and mentorship of caregiving volunteers, and counselling in the field of palliative and bereavement care.

12.15–12.45 pm  – Panel discussion
12.45 – 2.00 pm – Lunch

Should you have any queries, please contact Pam Sheehan on whatsapp 0772-404129 or email zimsheehans [at]

We are very grateful to Richard Maasdorp who will be facilitating the two day summit. Thank you Richard.

You are welcome to join us for one or all of the presentations. Please try to be punctual.

Admission by donation – all donations will go towards the charities supported by Rokpa Support Network.

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