September/October 2020 Zoom presentations

Please note that the presentations at the Temple will recommence on Sunday 11 October

Friday 4 – Sunday 6 September | Presenter: Rob Nairn

Topic : From Mindfulness to Insight with Rob Nairn

Rob is one of the pioneers in presenting meditation training in a way that is accessible to the Western mind. The Dalai Lama asked him to teach meditation over fifty years ago. Rob has developed a unique experiential and evidence-based training in mindfulness, and established masterclasses (MSc) at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in association with the Mindfulness Association, UK, founded on his work. He is author of several books on meditation and Buddhism, the latest by Shambhala Publications USA titled From Mindfulness to Insight.

Dates :

  • Friday 4 September 6 – 6.30pm Introduction (30 minutes) 

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  • Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September 10.45 am -11.45 am (1 hour each)

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Mindfulness is the fundamental component of all forms of mind-training, and can be mastered by anyone who is prepared to put in a little effort. The main aspect is learning to bring the mind knowingly into the moment, allowing thoughts to appear and pass without interference, and becoming the impartial witness of the tendency to engage, without compulsively following through on it.

We learn how to be present, respond with compassion and see deeply into our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Because the training is quite demanding, beginners find it helpful to have guided sessions until they establish enough confidence to continue by themselves

Sunday September 13 | Presenter: Kunal Solanky | @ 9.45 am

Zoom meeting id: 253 424 5570, password hbc

Topic : Sex in the Sangha – a closer look at the 3rd precept

Sunday September 20 | Presenter: TBA | @ 9.45 am

Zoom meeting id: 253 424 5570, password hbc

Topic : TBA

SATURDAY September 26 and Saturday 3 October| Presenter : Ken Holmes | @ 9.30 am

Topic : Karma , what is it?

This first of two talks (the second being same time on Saturday 3 October) explores the Buddhist understanding of why life happens to each person in the way it does and how the way we deal with our karma is all-important, for both the present moment and the long-term future. Ken will concentrate on the overview and a deeper understanding of being embodied in this world rather than lists and details of karma that can be found in books.

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About Ken Holmes

Ken is an internationally-respected dharma teacher and translator of ancient Tibetan texts. Former Director of Studies of the Samye Ling group of centres, he shares his fifty years of experience studying under many of the most famous Tibetan masters of the 20th century. The way Ken presents the teachings is deeply-informed yet very accessible and often with a light and humorous touch.

Date: Saturday  3 October 9.30-10.30am
Topic: Karma – What can we do about it?  
The karma we inherit from our past forms the raw material of each moment, from which we can make either treasures or disasters. Words such as ‘acceptance’, ‘purification’ and ‘transformation’ are readily said but often misunderstood or poorly understood.  It is joyful to be able to live well-equipped to face whatever karma life brings. Dharma gives us the tools.

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