Bringing Kindness and Compassion into our Daily Lives | Tue 14 – Sun 19 Sept, 2021

Tuesday 14 September – Sunday 19 September 2021
Venue : Susurumba Retreat Centre, Juliasdale
Facilitator : Dave Sheehan

We all know that it is beneficial to be kind. We feel it is good for ourselves if somebody is kind to us. So we need to reflect: if I want and wish other people to be kind to me, to be helpful, to bring a sense of joy and support to me; then maybe it is equally important that I am also kind to other people?

The same can be said for compassion. Compassion is the desire for others to be free from difficulties and hardships. If we are grateful when others are supportive of us through difficult times, then it is important that we ignite compassion within ourselves for others.

Hence it is beneficial to acquire and strengthen the habits of kindness and compassion in our daily lives, as opposed to negative, self-centered emotions that cause us suffering, and distance us from others. We will also develop increased peace in our hearts.

It is one thing to understand these ideas; it is another thing to actually put this into practice, and to make them our reality. This is what we have to do. This is the challenge. This is what we will learn and practice whilst on retreat, using tried and tested methods including loving kindness and meditation.

TIMINGS:      Start time    Suggested arrival 16.00 – 17.00 hours on Tuesday 14 September.

                       Finish time   10.30 hours Sunday 19 September

Recommended Offering

AccommodationUSD200 single accommodation; $150 shared
CampingUSD90 per person camping. Own equipment

NB. There is a 20% discount for all paid up members of the Harare Buddhist Centre

Financial constraints should not be a restricting factor.  Please contact Dave.

Participants should be prepared to pay 50% deposit if requested.

BOOKINGS : Please note that bookings can only be accepted on completion of the online booking form. This can be accessed BY CLICKING HERE

COVID issues:

  • The retreat will go ahead subject to there being no restrictions in place due to high levels of COVID.
  • Please note that due to COVID numbers will be limited. 
  • Susurumba is remote from medical help so we are requesting that those over 40 years old please have valid COVID vaccination certificate.
  • A rapid COVID test 48 hours before start of retreat is a requirement.

For further information about the retreat please contact Dave Sheehan at  zimsheehans [at]  or phone/whatsapp Dave on 0772317424

Venue : ‘Susurumba’, Juliasdale, Nyanga (immediately behind Pine Tree Inn) – approximately 70kms from Rusape; take the Pine Tree turnoff and follow the driveway to the hotel. At the hotel car park, branch left behind the hotel buildings. Follow this road up the valley for +/- 1 km, keeping left. Total distance 250 kms or comfortable 3-4 hour drive from Harare.

Susurumba mountain

For further information about the retreat please contact Dave Sheehan at  or phone/whatsapp Dave on 0772317424



Retreats offer us ‘time out’ from our busy, often stressful lives, to ground ourselves in our meditation/mindfulness practice. The peaceful seclusion and mountainous setting of Susurumba, Nyanga, assists in the process of allowing our busy, distracted minds to settle, allowing our deeper energies of kindness, compassion, wisdom and clarity to reveal themselves. Retreatants can find solace and a deeper inner peace through meditation, taking breathtaking walks, swimming in the clear mountain dams, etc.

While there is now limited cell phone reception at Susurumba, we recommend that you keep your cell phones turned off – you are, after all trying to get away from the bustle of everyday life. If you must use a cell phone – even for SMS – we request that you do so in the privacy of your room/ tent and not in the public spaces. While in the shrine room or dining room, they must be switched off.

1. Towel
2. Raincoats/umbrellas (it can rain at Nyanga at any time of the year)
3. Torches/headlamps & spare batteries (very important); solar lights are helpful
4. Toiletries/bath soap. Hand washing powder if you need to do personal laundry
5. Comfortable walking shoes (plus optional CROCS?)
6. Loose, comfortable clothing
7. Warm clothing plus wraps for when sitting in the meditation room (tracksuits, extra socks)
8. Hat & sunblock cream
9. Notebook and pens
10. Swimming costumes (lovely refreshing mountain dams and small swimming pool).
11. Personal meditation cushions and mats if needed (there are cushions available at the retreat centre)


We offer hearty vegetarian and vegan cuisine** – participants may be asked to assist by bringing some prepared food and tea time treats. The main meal is at lunchtime with soup and bread in the evening. Breakfast consists of yoghurt, eggs, fruit, porridge, cereals, toast and jams.

**Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for any other dietary requirements, nor personal requests to the cook on duty. The existing kitchen is very limited space-wise, so is a NO ENTRY area for retreatants. If you have any specific dietary requirements, we request that you please bring these items with you. . Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Staff contributions

A financial contribution to the support staff at the end of the Retreat would be appreciated.

Dharma Shop

There is a small shop at at the retreat centre which sells items such as incense, spiritual books (a good selection), prayer flags, malas and other trinkets. Please come with some extra cash!

A note about the cabins

As these structures are wooden we ask that you do not use candles or smoke in the cabins. We also request that you do not use any heating apparatus ie hairdryers, heaters etc. These will cause the power to trip. It is fine to plug in computers, phones etc.


Please note that there is no Wifi available at the Retreat Centre but Edge and 3G can be found around the Centre if you climb a mountain

For more information please contact Dave on or whatsapp Dave on 0772-317424

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