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Kagyu Samye Ling Zimbabwe (KSLZ) – the Harare Buddhist Centre

KSLZ is part of Rokpa Trust which was registered in 1992 as a charitable trust (Registered Charity No: 1059293). It is supervised by local trustees guided by Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche.

The Buddhist Path

The Tibetan Kagyu Buddhist community in Zimbabwe is committed to developing and enriching the Buddhist path in the lives of members and to bringing the benefits of Buddhist practice to the wider community.

We recognise some essential truths about the nature of reality which are articulated in the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths:

i) suffering exists,
ii) suffering has a cause,
iii) suffering can end, and
iv) there is a path to end suffering.

Our practice is based on the Buddhist values of not harming any living beings through actions, speech or attitudes of mind and by performing wholesome and beneficial actions wherever possible.

Our Vision & Activities

Our vision is to promote spiritual growth, community spirit and to give help where needed through building a strong, committed and diverse Sangha (the Buddhist practise community) who support each other on the path. We have four main activity areas:

1.  Dharma: the spiritual practice of Buddhism
2.  Charitable works: Rokpa Support Network
3.  Tara Rokpa Therapy: a self-help therapy programme
4.  Care for the environment.

1. Dharma (spiritual practice)
KSLZ has silent meditation evenings, Buddhist prayer practices, pujas, several times a week, and teachings and retreats during the year with visiting international meditation teachers. Under the auspices of KSLZ, courses in secular mindfulness are offered through the Mindfulness Training Foundation. Mindfulness can help people reduce stress by understanding their mind and learning to be present and relaxed in day-to-day life. Mindfulness can help people of all faiths deepen awareness of the divine, cope with life’s losses & uncertainties and find greater peace & happiness.

2. Charitable works: Rokpa Support Network
RSN does charity and development work with under-privileged rural and urban groups:  people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities and their caregivers and siblings. RSN has five programme areas: Food Security, Child Protection, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support, the Drop In Centre and Tara ROKPA Therapy. Emphasis is on enabling people to be self-sufficient and passing on what they learn to their communities. More than 6,000 beneficiaries have been supported through RSN since 2009.

RSN Office:
Addr: 34 Quendon Road, Monavale, Harare
Tel: +263-4-304202 Email: rokpa [at] zol.co.zw
Website: http://www.rokpa.org/zim/en/

3. Tara Rokpa Therapy
RSN also offers therapy courses and psycho-social support to vulnerable people to cater for their individual psychological and self-esteem needs.

4. Care for the Environment
KSLZ uses Buddhist values and approaches to create an exemplary environment at our centres which is conducive to spiritual practice and that respects beings. We share this expertise with others interested in caring for the environment. (link to article by HHK)

Sister Sangha Communities

In addition to our regular events in Harare, we have communities of meditators in other parts of Zimbabwe, developing their own Sanghas and practice.

Chikukwa & Hangani in Chimanimani
Chikukwa Roots and Mind Centre started in 2007, and combines African traditional belief systems with mindfulness training.  Ten people meet regularly to practice mindfulness to deepen our meditation practice and spiritual path. The Hangani Meditation Centre began in 2009 and has 17 regular meditators. A retreat centre, on the top of a mountain with 360 degree views of some of the most beautiful countryside in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, was completed in 2011.

Chitungwiza & Hatfield
A small, but dedicated, group of people meet regularly in Hatfield to meditate and practice pujas. HKSD has a small temple in Chitungwiza and RSN works with the Sangha there to provide services to the vulnerable.

Support KSLZ

KSLZ’S Activities by Donating

If you would like to make a donation to KSLZ to support our day-to-day activities, or to support specific activities, e.g. people who would like to go on retreat but can’t afford to, care for the environment, our sister Sangha communities, library resources, building the proposed retreat centre, etc., please use the RTZ bank details below. Call our office or email to advise what your donation should be used for.

Kagyu Samye Ling Zimbabwe Trust, CABS, Avondale. Account Number: 1005410348

If you would like to make a donation to Rokpa Support Network’s charity and therapy activities please use the RSN bank details below. Donations in food, non-food items or in kind are also most welcome.

Rokpa Support Network, CABS, Avondale. Account Number 1004748612

Interested in becoming more involved with KSLZ? We offer reasonable membership rates, and send members a monthly newsletter with activity updates. We also have a library of Dharma books. There is also a very well stock Dharma shop at 7a Ernie’s Lane. For more information on what you can purchase from the shop, please contact Pam Sheehan on zimsheehans [at] gmail.com.

For more details about becoming a KSLZ member or using the library, contact our office.

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