Useful names and numbers

Chairperson Mia Moers mia.moers [at]
Administration Pam Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Finance Dave Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Pujas/Buddhist prayers Kala Antao kala.antao [at]
Jayne Pilossof jaynepilossof [at]
Meditation Retreats Dave Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Sunday Meditation/Dharma Talk coordinator Barbara Kaim zimbarbs [at]
Visiting Teachers Co-ordinator Dave Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Visiting Teachers Hostess Viv Kernohan vkernohan [at]
Yoga Zia Thomas ziajt14 [at]
Dharma Shop Pam Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Newsletter Pam Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Website Brenda Burrell bren.burrell59 [at]
Rokpa Trust of Zimbabwe Chairperson, Dave Sheehan zimsheehans [at]
Trish Swift trishrokpa [at]
Vivienne Kernohan vkernohan [at]
Rob Cunliffe robvivzim [at]
Korbs Mutandrio korbsmutandiro1 [at]
Rokpa Residents Association Chairperson, Rob Cunliffe robvivzim [at]
Rokpa Support Network Chairperson, Vivienne Kernohan vkernohan [at]