Calender & Regular Events 2016

5 Year Insight Course with Rob Nairn 2013-2018 In Progress Twice monthly meetings – one per month in self-organising support groups, once per month on Sundays at 11am at Ernie’s Lane
10-12 month Lojong Course Starts Mar 5 2016 The group will meet once a month on a Saturday from 2-5 pm at the home of Dave and Pam Sheehan in Helensvale.
Ogyen Nyima Rinpoche (Samye Ling Monastery) Aug 9-14 2016 Click here to view the programme
Ken Holmes Sept 15-26 2016 Click here to view the programme
Donal Creedon Nov 25 – Dec 4 2016 Retreat at Susurumba, Nyanga. Click here to view details.