The Search for Security and the Way of Meditation

Donal Creedon

Sunday 9 December 2018
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost: R300 (please do not let the inability to pay prevent you from attending. Contact the office for concessions or work exchange).
Dana for the teacher would be appreciated.
Bring and Share Vegetarian Lunch
Book for this retreat by emailing

Dónal will explore the principal issue of security and ask if there is a way of living peacefully in a very insecure world. Dónal says “The way of meditation, among other things, is a means to inquire into the fundamental questions of living with a view to bringing about the flowering of innate goodness.”

Dónal will also be leading retreats at Tara Rokpa Centre from the 14th of December – there is still space available. The Sutra of Life has either 1 week or 2 week options, while Outer World, Inner World from 28 Dec to 2 Jan, is a more secular based programme.

Dónal Creedon is a Buddhist meditation teacher with many years’ experience, loved and deeply appreciated for his warmth, openness and sincerity. He studied and practiced with Buddhist masters of the Kagyu practice lineage in Europe as well as in India and Nepal. This involved many years of intense retreat.
Dónal also spent a number of years at the Krishnamurti Centre in Varanasi as resident Buddhist scholar. Thus the radical inquiry of Krishnamurti informs his approach.