The Three Trainings with Khenpo Lekthong

Wed 11 March 7:30 – 9:00 pm:
Buddhist Wisdom
Thu 12 March 7:30 – 9:00 pm:
Basic Buddhist Meditation
Sunday 15 March:  10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Bring and Share Veg lunch)
Day Retreat: Living an Ethical Life according to the Tibetan Wisdom Tradition.

We need to pay toward’s Khenpo’s airfare, so we are asking for a donation of R100 per talk, and R200 for the day retreat. This excludes any dana for Khenpo. Please speak to us for concessions – we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on these teachings due to financial reasons.

The Three Trainings in Buddhism are the core of the Buddhist path. They are the training in virtue (ethics or discipline), training of the mind (concentration or meditation), and the training in wisdom. This is a key opportunity for everyone who considers themselves to be on the Buddhist path to receive these teachings.

Khenpo Lekthong became a monk when he was 15 years old and graduated from Karma Shri Nalanda Institute of Rumtek monastery (Monastery of HH Karmapa in Sikkim.) He studied mainly Buddhist philosophy and also some languages, western philosophy, and comparative religions. After Khenpo Lekthong graduated, he taught in Rumtek for some years, after which time he focused more on research. Khenpo’s specialty is focussed around Karma Kagyu’s religion and history. Presently Khenpo Lekthong lives at Ralang monastery, the monastery of Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche, heart son of HH 16 Gyalwa Karmapa, where he works for Rinpoche as a translator. Khenpo is a Buddhist author and speaks fluent English.