Sponsorship Appeal for the 5th Minyak Rinpoche

Dear Sangha

Supporting the Dharma in Africa through Tulku Ogyen Nyima’s Visit

The Kagyu Africa community, which includes sangha in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the DRC  are in preparation for the auspicious visit of Tulku Ogyen Nyima (the 5th Minyak Rinpoche) next month.

The Significance of Tulku Ogyen Nyima’s Visit

  • In each region Tulku Ogyen Nyima will offer Refuge and the various Empowerments as requested by each centre.
  • A few talks will be offered in Johannesburg and the DRC as a translator will be available.
  • Empowerments are used in our tradition to awaken our innate potential for Buddhahood and to create a strong connection between the recipient and the teacher, as well as the Buddha-figure involved.
  • Participation in an Empowerment with a fully qualified teacher bestows permission to engage in certain practices that encourage the seeds of enlightenment to grow stronger, until the aim of full enlightenment is reached.

Entire Visit to be Free of Charge 

All Empowerments,  the Refuge ceremonies and Talks during Tulku Ogyen Nyima’s visit will be free of charge.

Our motivation is to make this auspicious occasion accessible to everyone who wishes to make a connection to the Dharma. 

We Are Calling on Sponsors

There are obviously considerable expenses involved in this month-long visit – a visit that will significantly contribute to the development of Dharma in Africa! This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to be a part of.

  • The collective airfare expenses to the region are R90,000
  • Funds of R30,000, raised by the Ride for Rinpoche cycle team have been pledged towards the visit
  • However we still need to raise at least R60,000 to cover all costs

We hope that you will support this momentous occasion by offering whatever means, however great or small, towards the sponsorship of Tulku Ogyen Nyima’s visit to Southern Africa. Any excess funds received will be held for future visits of Rinpoches to Southern Africa.

Tax certificates can be issued for donations received as we are a registered PBO.

Your generosity is an offering that will support the region, including the fledgling centre in the DRC and help sustain the Dharma in Africa for centuries to come! 

Kindly donate via EFT to the following account –

Rokpa Trust
ABSA Claremont 632005
Account no: 922 4851 341
Reference: Your Name/ TU Sponsor

For more information on the 5th Minyak Rinpoche, please follow this link.