Healing Relaxation with Pippa Cope

From 1:00 to 4:00 pm on the last Sundays of each month, join Pippa for the Healing Relaxation mini-workshop. A once a month Sunday afternoon opportunity to put aside the stresses of a busy life through experiencing nurturing and coordination activities from the Tara Rokpa Therapy Process.

Tara Rokpa Therapy is a ‘come as you are’ therapeutic approach developed by the late Akong Tulku Rinpoche working together with western therapists. This path is based on the principles of Tibetan Medicine. The Tibetan word Sowa means both to prevent damage and heal damage by the same method. The guided self and group supported therapy process consists of different modules which you may wish to explore further.

The introduction to this profound work offers you the opportunity to experience simple fun and creative activities for nurturing yourself and learning to coordinate more skillfully with others.  This includes guided relaxation, co-ordination activities, healing touch and exploring fun creativity through the use of colour and materials from nature.

Through getting to know and care for yourself you may become more open to the needs of those around you in your life.

Share some fun and healing exercises from the Tara Rokpa Therapy process to learn to relax and let go. Exercises include:

  • Deep Healing Relaxation and visualisation;
  • Communication exploration activities;
  • Healing touch;
  • Exploring creativity with art materials and colour.

Cost: R150 (Concessions available)

Pippa offers mindful movement, including somatics and Donna Farhi-inspired yoga. She has been involved with the Tara Rokpa Therapy process for 20 years as a senior helper in South Africa and Zimbabwe and has offered workshops in Canada. Pippa has been resident at TRC for over 15 years as jack of all trades. She previously spent her professional life working as an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker and Community Development manager.



Preceded by Gentle Awareness Movement (R200 for both Sessions).

Bring and Share lunch if you are staying for both sessions.