Akong Rinpoche


Akong Rinpoche is head of all Kagyu Samye Dzong centres in Africa. He has played a leading part in the establishment of Buddhism in Europe and Africa in recent decades. In 1967 he founded Kagyu Samye Ling in Scotland, the first and the largest Tibetan Buddhist centre in Europe. He is founding president of the Rokpa international association of charities, through which he has initiated and oversees a large number of medical, educational and environmental projects in Tibet, Nepal and Zimbabwe. Akong Rinpoche is author of the books Taming the Tiger and Restoring the Balance.


Lama Yeshe Rinpoche

Abott and Spiritual Director

After 12 years in retreat, Lama Yeshe returned to the world to take responsibility for the running of Samye Ling and also to direct The Holy Isle Project. Since its acquisition in April 1992, under Lama Yeshe’s guidance, Holy Island has become the site of the Centre for World Peace and Health.  Lama Yeshe’s teaching is always very practical and down-to-earth, and he prefers to rely on the spoken word and a direct relationship with his students.

Rokpa Trust has many parts including Samye Ling, The Holy Isle Project and numerous charitable projects both at home and overseas. Lama Yeshe Losal is the Trust’s indefatigable Chairman whose energy and inspiration fuel its far reaching activities which benefit so many people in so many ways.


Rob Nairn

Representative of Akong Rinpoche

Rob Nairn leads the Kagyu Centres in Africa, under the guidance of Akong Rinpoche. Rob is an internationally sought after presenter of meditation and Buddhism. He resigned as professor of criminology at the University of Cape Town in 1980 to pursue Buddhism full time. He has extensive experience in psychology, and has completed a 4-year meditation retreat. He is one of the pioneers in presenting Buddhist philosophy and practice in a way accessible to the western mind. Rob is author of three books: Tranquil Mind – Introduction to Buddhism and meditation; Diamond Mind – Psychology of meditation; Living Dreaming Dying – Wisdom of Tibetan psychology

Visit Rob’s international teaching programme here robnairn.net.