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ROKPA International
Rokpa has established, or supports, over 130 humanitarian projects serving those in need in the fields of education, medical care, poverty relief, self help and ecology.
It was founded in 1980 by Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche and is a worldwide charitable organisation whose goals are to improve the quality of life in the developing world. (see our web site at

Rokpa Trust of Zimbabwe was registered in 1992. It is supervised by local trustees and guided by Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche.
Humanitarian activities began in 1998 and are centred in the high density neighbourhoods and squatter camps in and around the capital city, Harare. The programme’s long term vision is to expand to other regions in both urban and rural areas.
Activities are funded through contributions with the oversight and effort of a small team of volunteers and staff accountable to the local and international Rokpa trustees. Activities are chosen based on need and developed through personal networking.

ROKPA Projects in Harare
Worldwide, Zimbabwe is ranked among the top five countries in HIV prevalence rate with approximately 18% of the population currently living with the virus. Further, the pandemic has created the largest number of orphans worldwide: 1.2 million. Our projects focus on practical and emotional support to individuals and families infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

ROKPA Support Network
Rokpa Support Network Zimbabwe provides the following support to disadvantaged populations in the areas of Harare and Chitungwiza:

  • Training to ensure food security for Harare and Chitungwiza Parents of Disabled Children groups, orphan care groups, and those living with HIV. Trainings focus on balanced nutrition, nutrition gardens using organic gardening methods, and the use of herbs in food for medicinal purposes.
  • HIV prevention, care and support began in 2005, initially targeting those who receive food assistance. Rokpa uses an awareness and communication methodology called “Talk Time” to create support and discussion groups in various community groups. In addition, there are popular weekly training sessions in Positive Living which include: family planning, safer sex, healing relaxation, breathing exercises, yoga, balanced nutrition, reflexology, and gender equity. Both Talk Time and Positive Living trainings equip trainees to train others in HIV awareness and support within their communities.
  • Food assistance is provided each month to chronically ill people (those on antiretrovirals or who are being treated for tuberculosis), caregivers of orphans and orphan headed families, displaced persons without assistance, and parents of disabled children.
  • Financial assistance for required prescribed medicines is offered to help food beneficiaries and other disadvantaged people purchase drugs they need.
  • Orphan care/support in communities is provided through two initiatives: bi-yearly life skills camps for orphaned youths and a caregiver support programme:
    • Life skills camps: Twice during each school holiday, Rokpa organises a four day life skills camp, where disadvantaged youth are paired with young adults who have been trained as assistant-facilitators. Topics include reproductive health, gender awareness, communication, skills identification, and the importance of a healthy diet.
    • Caregiver Support Programme: Groups of caregivers meet to support each other and plan a week-long training for caregivers that cover: psycho-social support of children, legal issues, and how to improve healthy living through nutrition and relaxation.
  • Rokpa Support Network’s other small projects include assistance to those living with disabilities by bringing young disabled teenagers together through fun and working together assessing their capabilities in fun ways dubbed “Akabe day for the disabled youth”, and by guiding small-scale income-generating activities for small groups in the production of soap, peanut butter and candles.

Donations / Assistance to Rokpa
Should you like to assist Rokpa Support Network in form of monetary donations, food, non-food items or in kind, please call the office at:
Tel +263-4-304 202 or email:

Interested in becoming more involved with Rokpa? We offer reasonable membership rates, and send members a monthly newsletter with activity updates. For more details about becoming a Rokpa member call Mariana at the office on Tel: +263-4-304 202 or email: or

The Library
The Rokpa library boasts very flexible lending periods and affordable joining fees. Members are entitled to borrow one book for a month and can be renewed for the second month. Video- and audio tapes also available!

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