Guest Teachers – Mindfulness, Playfulness and Dreaming


15 March 2011, 18h00-19:30

On Tuesday 15 March, we will be having a special Mindfulness session with Jamie Lachman. Jamie McLaren Lachman is the founder and director of Clowns Without Borders South Africa (, a humanitarian organization that provides psychosocial support through laughter and play to communities affected by crisis in Southern Africa. A clown, musician, poet, and facilitator, he has practiced insight meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction for the past 9 years. Always looking for laughter in the life’s simplicity, Jamie lives each day fully with compassion and amazement in the wonders of the world.

Cost: R40 Venue: Longleat, 9 Mount Road Places are limited. To book your place contact Anton at or Jane at, 0846226045.


23rd March 2011

12:30 -13:30 Lecture: Lucid Dreaming & Nightmares hosted by the Psychology Department, Rhodes University, Rm 11.

14:15 -15:00 Lecture: Dream and Creativity hosted by the Drama Department, Rhodes University.  DLT (Drama Dept)

18:00 – 21:00 Workshop, Learning to Lucid Dream, Longleat, 9 Mount Road Cost: R50 Bring supper to share. Places are limited.

Please book your place with Anton at or Jane at, 0846226045.

Charlie Morley is an experienced lucid dreamer, who integrates lucid dreaming into his Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice and teaching. He has conducted workshops on lucid dreaming all over the world, including in Asia and Africa, and has presented formal seminars at the UCT Medical School and Goldsmiths University in London on nightmares and lucid dreaming, and also on creativity and lucid dreaming. He is currently writing a book with Rob Nairn that pioneers their new holistic approach to lucid dream practice called Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep, due to be published in 2012. He comes highly recommended for his intellectual grasp of the field, his experience, and his dynamic and engaging presentation style (he has an art and drama background). For further information, here’s the link to Charlie’s website:

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