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 – WITH ROB NAIRN, supported by Nan Lutz






Course is called Psychology of Insight Training (not to be confused with Insight meditation)


  • Rob Nairn and Nan Lutz
  • Nan will also lead monthly tutorial groups while Rob is unavailable during May, June, July, Sept and Nov

Course info:

  • 2016 Joburg One Year Course is a secular course and open to all
  • based in Kensington, Joburg at KSDJ
  • one year course may extend into a Five Year Course, if there is sufficient interest
  • minimum of 35 participants needed for course to go ahead
  • Course administration by Nan
  • Note: All the April lectures and retreats are open to all, whether you are registered for the 1 & 5 Year course or not


  • The One Year Course formally launches 2 & 3 April 2016 at the urban weekend retreat

Course structure:

  • This is a progressive training course and commitment to participation in all sessions is recommended.
  • Course builds on mindfulness and compassion training and allows participants to discover how insight is a naturally arising state that leads on to revealing our inherent wisdom and compassion
  • Course and retreats will include Mindfulness settling and grounding and Compassion practices and enquiry, and massage in a group environment as a practical way to access compassion
  • Training is done through tutorial lectures, practical exercises, guided practices, reflection and enquiry
  • Training is done in a supported atmosphere of mindfulness, compassion, acceptance and trust


Course Registration:

  • Please email Nan on shenang108@gmail.com  with your proof of payment of R500 deposit, before end February 2016, to secure your place.
  • This will enable us to ensure that we have the required 35 people for course to go ahead
  • Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a (confidential) questionnaire to be completed by 14 March 2016



  • Evening, lectures, monthly tutorial sessions and urban retreats will be held at Kagyu Samye Dzong Johannesburg (KSDJ), 43 Floss Street, Kensington, Joburg   (www.kagyu.org.za).
  • Longer 6 and 10-day retreats will be held at Tara Rokpa Centre, near Groot-Marico, North West Province, 2,5 hours from Joburg. (www.tararokpacentre.co.za)


  • KSDJ evening Lectures:  19:30 – 21:00,
  • KSDJ weekend urban retreat:  Sat 10:30 – 15:30, Sun 09:00 – 15:00.
  • KSDJ monthly tutorial sessions with Nan: to be confirmed with group
  • Longer retreats at TRC start on 6pm on the first night, and end at lunchtime on the last day


  • Those who have attended lectures and tutorials will be eligible to attend retreats

Membership to centres:

  • Membership discounts apply to all events
  • You can also opt to take centre membership which works out much cheaper
  • Centre membership options are:  R130pm for one centre, or R300pm for all three centres.
  • Email Johannesburg@kagyu.org.za to request membership & application forms.


  • Please sign up to relevant centres to receive regular newsletters with updates on times, costs, specials and events
  • email KSDJ   Johannesburg@kagyu.org.za
  • email TRC   trc@vodamail.co.za



  • Dana (donation) will be accepted by Rob and Nan as an offering to show your gratitude and appreciation of the teachings


  • Course Administration Fee: R1,500.  Payable to Course Administrator, Nan.  Banking details: NG LUTZ, Nedbank Fox Street, 1908 586 176.  Reference: Insight 2016 & your name. R500 deposit required by end Feb 2016 to secure your place.


  • Kagyu Samye Dzong Johannesburg (KSDJ) :  Approximate venue costs:

o    bookings and payments directly to KSDJ

o    Evening Lectures – R130 (R100 KSDJ members),

o    Weekend Urban retreats- R400per day (R320 members), R750 for two day weekend with bring and share lunch (R400 members).

o    Early bird special for all KSDJ April lectures and weekend urban retreat: R1000 payable in full by 11 March (R800 members).

o    Check out http://kagyu.org.za/johannesburg/


  • Tara Rokpa Centre:  Accommodation, food and refreshments costs:

o    bookings and payments directly to TRC

o    range from R400 – R700 per person, per day (dormitory bunk to single en suite) depending on your choice of accommodation.

o    TRC members receive 10% discount on all courses and retreats

o    Check out www.tararokpacentre.co.za/Insight-Rob


  • Transport:  Own required to all events and retreats and participants are encouraged to car pool and share lifts


  • Payment options: Please don’t let your inability to pay prevent you from attending these teachings.  Email KSDJ, TRC or Nan to request relevant barter, volunteer or payment plan options for respective centres


  • Please note that these costs may change and are intended as a guide only





APRIL 2016

2016 Launch: Sat 2 & Sun 3 April 2016:  2 day urban weekend retreat, KSDJ


Lectures with Rob, at KSDJ:

  • Lecture #1:  Thurs 31 March (Course overview, logistics, Q&A)
  • Lecture #2: Tues 5 April
  • Lecture #3:  Tues 12 April
  • Lecture #4:  Tues 19 April


6 or 10-day retreat, at TRC:

  • Psychological Insight Training retreat (6 days):  Friday 22 April – Thurs 28 April
  • Plus optional Psychology of Buddhism retreat (4 days):   Thurs 28 – Sun 1 May
  • Psychology of Insight plus optional Buddhism 10-day retreat option: 22 April – Sun 1 May 2016


MAY, JUNE & JULY: monthly tutorial group sessions with Nan, KSDJ



  • Weekly lectures: KSDJ
  • Weekend urban retreat:  Sat 20 & Sun 21 Aug (KSDJ)


SEPTEMBER: monthly tutorial group session with Nan, KSDJ



  • Weekly lectures: KSDJ
  • Weekend urban retreat: Sat 22 & Sun 23 Oct (KSDJ)


NOVEMBER: monthly tutorial group session with Nan, KSDJ


DECEMBER:  9 – 14 Dec 2016:  5 day Insight retreat, TRC




Exceptional teacher and author, much in demand internationally. His years of meditation and mindfulness, compassion and insight meditation training under great masters, a four-year closed retreat and years of international teaching make this an extraordinary opportunity to receive valuable input and teachings.  He is well known for his clarity of mind, interactive style of teaching and humour.  Rob is an international leader in the field of Mindfulness training and has pioneered the development of the three-year post graduate MSc in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University in Scotland, which he and a team of qualified presenters now teach.

 He is also the founder of Mindfulness Africa   (www.mindfulnessafrica.org) and Mindfulness Association UK (www.mindfulnessassociation.org).  Rob also runs a series of longer 5 – 30 day retreats at the beautiful Tara Rokpa Centre, near Groot Marico, North West Province (www.tararokpacentre.co.za).


Qualified Mindfulness Africa facilitator who has been studying with Rob for the past 20 years and now supports and co-facilitates Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight courses and retreats with Rob.  Nan has set up Shenang Wellness Consultancy in Parkhurst, Joburg, running Mindfulness Africa 8-session Mindfulness Based Living Course and runs retreats and courses for private individuals, groups and corporates. (www.shenang.co.za)