We rely on donations, membership, and income from courses to cover our running costs, various special projects, and our soup kitchen.

We can take credit card/debit card payments onsite. Electronic payments are preferred.

PAYFAST Payments

To donate by card payment, please email for a payment link.


Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Bedfordview

Address: Shop 35, Bedford Centre, Smith Road, Bedford Gardens, Germiston, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2007.

Branch Code: 1925 05


Reference: Your name + course/reason for donation

For course fees, membership, dana and general donations, use this account:

Account number: 1925 083 373

Account name: Johannesburg Samye Dzong

For shop purchases, use this account :

Account number: 1925 083 551

Account name: JSD Shop

For soup kitchen donations, use this account :

Account number: 1925 046 982

Account name: Rokpa

For donations to our Monatics and long-term practitioners, use this account :

Account number: 1925 083 586

Account name: Monastics Fund Rokpa


We can provide tax certificates for general donations, and for donations to the soup kitchen and monastic funds (course/event fees are excluded).

For a tax certificate please send an email to with proof of payment, and your full name and physical address.


Dana, Sanskrit/Pali for generosity, gift, alms, or donation, is a voluntary giving of materials, energy, or wisdom (dharma) to others. Generosity is regarded as one of the most important Buddhist virtues.

Our Dharma teachers are not paid for teaching courses and retreats, and they rely on donations to cover their costs.

There is a Dana box in the foyer of the centre to place your offerings to the teachers.

You are also welcome to do an electronic transfer to our Main account, with a reference “Dana”+”Teacher” + “Your name”.

The key to giving dana is an attitude of generosity, with the intention to benefit others.

We need to be practical and give what is affordable for us. In order to decide how much to give, one way is to look at what we pay for other things. Sometimes we would easily pay R200 or more for an evening out at the movies.

If we are financially challenged, we can offer less, or offer our time and skills. If we are in a good financial position we can offer more and know our generosity is providing the gift of Dharma.

The beauty of dana is that no one is excluded from hearing the Dharma through lack of money, and through the practice of generosity, we have the opportunity to accumulate merit.