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 The Buddha’s teachings are precious beyond measure. They remain useless however, unless people can learn of them and put them into practice. In order for people to learn of the Buddha’s teachings it is necessary to have centres where genuine and pure Buddhist teachings are given and then practiced. Kagyu Samye Dzong Johannesburg [KSDJ], now 20 years old, is just such a center.

Centres do not come into existence and continue operating by themselves. They are human creations which require continuous input in order to survive. This input can take many forms ranging from the occasional volunteer effort, to ongoing contributions. These can range from financial to contributions in time and effort. Contributions of any kind are always valuable.  We seek ongoing contributions and assistance, as these help to sustain our center.

How can you make a continuous or ongoing contribution?

The easiest way is to become a member at R150 per month. Your financial contribution will help to sustain KSDJ into the future and you will be eligible for 20% discount on all Dharma courses that you attend.

 But why rest at a financial contribution?  There are many, many existing tasks at KSDJ that need to be done. One of these is taking up a role on the Management Committee.  If this is too much for you right now, there are so many other smaller activities that could really benefit the centre and community and benefit yourself (great karma !) when done with generosity and an open heart. We are open to ideas.

 We have a unique opportunity to participate in service and generosity with the Lamas visit at the end of February. So please come along to the community service days to assist and have some fun with us all or contact Brian in the office to find out more about membership.

 KSDJ ONLY R150 a month, 20% Membership discounts at KSDJ

KSDR ONLY R150 a month, 20% Membership discounts at KSDR

TRC ONLY R150 a month, 15% discount for retreats at TRC

ALL CENTRES R360 a month Membership discounts apply

To become a member please download the Membership joining form below and email it to: 

Membership form Jan2017